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Character: Niko
This Character is from: Cyborg Wolf
1. Real Name: Niko
2. Age: 14 years (in human year)
3. Birthday: 22 september
4. Family members: Unknow
5. Relationships: Unknow
6. Hidden talent: Unknow
7. Their Job: No job
8. Hobbies: digginy playin
9. Something they dream of doing: being normal house pet
10. A food they can't resist: Dog cookies
11. Favorite sport to play: Fatch
12. Favorite sport to watch: cats?
13. Religion: No
14. Worst fear: Becomming more a labratt and losing freedom
15. Injuries: the robot parts
16. Something they dream of having: Having a family and friends a good house
17. How they react under pressure: Biting, stressing
18. Hot or cold places?: Normal places will do fine
19. What literature they enjoy: CAN'T READ D;
20. What movies they would watch: Nope
21. What music they would listen to: nothing
22. Morning schedule: just wat the morning brings
23. An object that is important to them: a little doll
24. A skill they are bad at: being nice to pullykids?
25. Something relaxing: laying under the tree
26. Pet-Peeve: Nope
27. Favorite holiday: Nope
28. Favorite color: nope
29. Do they prefer simpler life, or more modern life?: He lives on the street so simple
30. Favorite animal: Non
31. 5 words to describe them: careless, on his own, grumpy,
32. Nationality: non
33. A goal they have: findiny a good home
34. Where they would go on vacation: non
35. Where they live: on the street everywhere
36. Where they would like to live: somewhere on the country side
37. How they would react to being the last person on the Earth: Nobody to miss
38. Do they like being in pictures?: No
39. A pet they had: non
40. A person that gives them encouragement: non
41. A person that demoralizes them: non
42. Something that angers them: everyone
43. Something that pleases them: bearly someone
44. Political party/viewpoint:non
45. Preferred weapon: teeth U:
46. Favorite type of weather:normal weather not to hot not to cold
47. 3 companions in a zombie apocalypse:non
48. Viewpoint on accepting help: he dont accept it quick
49. The perfect day: finding a good place to stay and food
50. Something they want to learn about:
51. Education: non
52. Favorite mode of transportation: feet U;
53. Driving skills: can't drive lol
54. Favorite board game: can't play
55. How they react while in the spotlight: scared
56. Did they inherit anything from their parents/guardians?: non
57. A time they were lied to and haven't gotten over it: Nope
58. Something they tried out for/applied to but didn't make it: alot
59. Favorite place to sleep: somewhere dry
60. Something they need to be corrected on: Nothing
61. Have they kept a journal? How did it turn out?: can't no hands
62. Something they are allergic to: chocolate
63. Do they get lost easily?: No
64. Favorite season: spring
65. Do they listen to their instinct?: Yes
66. Are they easy to approach?: Kinda
67. A type of art they would like: street art
68. Something they don't leave home without: ..He dont has a home
69. Something they have a reputation for: Biting
70. Do they get into trouble often?: Yes, for stealing food
71. Do they easily accept advice?: depends on what
72. Their history: Niko was always a street dog, form the day he remeber. He got a car accident and a old guy took him home, and gave him those parts, after that he stayed by the old guy.. till he died form olderniss he ran away form that house looking form new, form that day on he lives on the street
73. Do they deal well with pain?: he keep standing up and keep going
74. Their reaction to receiving compliments: just...thank them
75. Do they swear a lot?: Yes
76. A place they go to think: somewhere in a park of freedom
77. How they would react to becoming blind (If the character is blind, then being able to see again): he would spazz
78. Something they collect: Food
79. Something they're proud of accomplishing: Life?
80. A secret they have: that he is secret in love on a fox he met
81. Are aliens real?: what are those?
82. Which is better? Luck or skill?: skill
83. Would they rather money or happiness?: Happiness
84. Would they rather be the shining knight, or the ferocious dragon?: Shining knight
85. Are they competitive? Who would they have a rivalry with?: Not reallt
86. Something that disgusts them: Humans
87. Are they a romantic?: He can be yes
88. An unpopular opinion of theirs: That every human is a animal hater
89. Someone they can relate to: Nothing
90. The strangest thing they've ever seen: Mixed animals
91. The best dream they've ever had: He was home by this old guy and getting love
92. Something they could talk to anyone about: The good old past
93. What they would give to save someone's life: stuff, or other things..maybe his life
94. Something they threw away that they wish they had kept: His blanket
95. Something they regret: running away form home
96. Someone they would be there for, no matter what: For that one fox lady
97. A bad habit: Mostly grumpy to others
98. An aroma they like: Flower smell and fresh grass
99. Something they wish they could do over: Life
100. Who do they look up to?: the old man who saved his life
He is kinda a wolf dragon thing ouo;

so yeah small ref... U;
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